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Dubstep Diaries is a Belgian and independant label. They focus on highlighting growing talents that produce Bass Music and especially on Dubstep, Drumstep, Riddim, Hybrid and Bass. Dubstep Diaries is born on January 2014 in the idea to share Dubstep music all over the world.

Electronyze Me & Dubstep Diaries are growing and are working together since 2016. A successful partnership that help each label to grow and get a better visibility.

Find Dubstep Diaries on all platforms and socials networks.

Contact and informations

Leave a message if you want to send a demo for a release, ask for a partnership enquiry, artists bookings or any other requests.

Please note that if you want to send a demo for a release, you have to send an unreleased track via a private link to listen or download it. Tracks already released will be ignored.

Thanks for your comprehension.