It's amazing how fast time flies.
Or maybe it's that I'm so caught up in it that I don't see the time passing anymore.
But 7 years ago, I founded Electronyze Me.
Knowing nothing about the music industry, I had to learn its codes and make my way with always this same idea in mind: push my limits further and further to help the artists I defend.
In my case, none of this would have been possible without the constant help of partners, who became friends.
I am proud of the path I have taken.
Proud to see bigger and bigger artists coming to my door.
It's a lot of pressure every time for me, because behind EM there is only one person.
And I don't allow myself any mistakes, any failures.
But I can proudly show my 2,6M listens on Spotify, my 3M listens on Soundcloud, my 1,9M listens on Youtube.
But it's not enough, I need to go further and I'll try to climb EM even higher.
The first quarter of 2023 is already closed with a lot of new and hot artists !
Thanks to everyone for your support.
Let's go for a new rich and exciting year!
In the meantime, our first Best Of will be released on December 2nd with a selection of our best tracks!